C (sculpin) wrote in werdle,

Build your own aphorism

"The loudest chicken is first into the pot."
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Early to bed and early to rise sucks.
(These aren't mine, but I wanted to share)

A penny saved is ridiculous

No matter how hard your lot in life, it could only be worse in Milwaukee

(these are mine)

Truth is the light that shows us how much things suck

Birds of a feather tend to make a racket in the morning!
Don't cry until you've walked a mile in the shoes of a man who has no feet.
If wishes were horses we'd be drowning in horsepoop.
If you can hear your own eyes blink, you either have excellent hearing, or goop in your eyes.

'Tis better to use an antiquated contraction than to waste one syllable.

He who is most tone-deaf sings loudest.

Why rent when you can buy and drown in debt?

The wise owl hoots once more, and with feeling.
He who is most tone-deaf sings loudest.

Oh, so true.
...and that's why God gave us more than one flavor of vanilla.
but why did he give the second Vanilla to the French?


13 years ago

A body at rest prefers to remain at rest.
A body in motion would rather be resting.
Life would be much better if people could smell their own breath.

Why have salad, when you can have dressing with lettuce in it?

Keep your feet firmly planted in the clouds.
There's way more than one skin to a cat.

If fishes were wishes, the ocean would dream.

Those who refuse to grow up are those who grow old the fastest.
Volume does not equal veracity.
(YES! Uh, that is, yes.)

Vehemence is not equivalent to violence.
Vagina does not equal vacancy. ("Hello, Dr. Freud? Got some news for you...")

Vulgarity does not equal validity. ("Hello, Dan Savage?")

Vocabulary does not necessarily equal vanity.

However, vegetables do equal vittles. Except for squash, which equals squish.
That which does not kill me pisses me the hell off