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werdle vandalism

Ever see a sign, a bumper sticker, an advertisement or anything else, and wish you could just add a letter, paint over one, change a bit of punctuation, to completely tweak the meaning? Ever actually do it? Here's your chance to boast, or to voice your regrets. ('If only I had changed my boss's "In case of Rapture this car will be Empty" bumpersticker to "In case of Raptor..."')

A regret: A couple years ago I was dumped by a girlfriend in a way that really made me think about vengeance. On her new boyfriend's pimped-out car was a metal raised-letter "Turbo" logo. Actually his car wasn't even a turbo, he just stuck it on. I so dearly wanted to buy the same logo, reverse the "b" to a "d", cut off the "o", epoxy it back together, making "Turd," and then sneak over one night and make a swap. With lots of epoxy. If only I knew where he lived, or even his last name....

A boast: on a Microsoft Office box I saw the slogan "What productivity means today." Unable to stand it anymore, I grabbed a pen and changed it to "What, productivity means today?"
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I think this applies...

Regret: A female friend of mine used to drive a Yugo. I really wanted to get a sign saying Girl! and put it on her car, making it Yugo Girl!
For a long time I have wanted to create a computer virus that would change the W to a T in the closing message on Windows machines, thus making it "It is not safe to turn off your computer."
There is a building side in Lower Queen Anne that has an ad for Reactor Jeans.

The sign reads

However, due to their choice of fonts, I have the desire to black out the left part of the A in "JEANS" and convert it to "THE JEWS THAT LOVE YOU BACK"
Ever notice the Doubletree Hotel logo? It's two linked circles with stems. Like a double tree, you know? Every time I see this logo, I want to add a horizonal line crossing each stem. Can you picture it? Two linked female symbols.
I would change "Know Jesus" to "No Jesus" or "Now, Jesus!" and "Got Jesus?" to "Go Jesus!". Also, you could probably tinker with "Jesus Saves" to get "Jesus Saves 25%" or something.

One of Bellingham's public schools is (was?) a big oppressive looking brick thing. Above the main door in stone was sketched "WASTE NOT THY HOUR." I often thought it would be so cool to get some styrofoam, paint it to match the stone, and add the word "HERE" to the end.