Faintheart (faintheart) wrote in werdle,

Hopin' for business!

Ever wanted to open a business just because you thought of a cool name? Now's your chance! ...to post the cool name, that is.
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Garrett & Gable Real Estate

Ivory Towers (towing company)
[Heh! I love "Ivory Towers".]
Cafe' Ine (I actually suggested this to Ulysses)
Emptyset Works (this will be the name of my vinyl-only record store when I open it)
Selling wicker goods in the capital of Montana

Helena Handbasket
Fish company:

Just for the Halibut
Miller the Driller: A Boring Company
Bob's Discount Labor. We Break Our Backs for a Buck.
Amalgamated Stuff, Inc. a wholely owned subsidiary of the International Shiny Things Corporation.

Vitreous Humor - biology gag gifts

Dirty Knees Nursery (plants)
Branstorm: health food store
SushiQueue: fast food sushi
The Haystack - a restaurant in the Space Needle - then if diners were lost they would tell me they were looking for the Haystack in the Needle. A moment I would treasure.