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Squatter's Rights

Well since the last person posted here a year ago, and since that person was myself, I'm going to consider Werdle mine. Squatter's rights.

I might have come up with this nonsense verse form. About the only thing that matters is that line 2 and 4 rhyme, and that it makes no sense whatsoever.

Penguins are warm
Penguins are soft.
They lay eggs in the basement
and live in the loft.

It can be extended until you get tired of it.

Penguins are handsome
Penguins are bold
but when they climb into bed
their feet are too cold.

Penguins are clever,
Penguins are sharp.
They can't play the banjo
but they've mastered the harp.


Another example:
Life is simple,
Life is sweet.
Life is harder
when you have no feet.

Life is spacious,
Life is grand,
Life is relinquished
upon demand.

Would anybody else like to add to either of these, or start a new chain?
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