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[07 Nov 2007|05:24pm]

Oh werdle, oh werdle, I'm drawn to thee now,
I think it's the fault of this LOLcatish cow:
or maybe the fact you've been idle since March,
which reminds me of MP's exploding "The Larch" -
"The Larch" ominous, "The Larch" ever-looming;
I'm sure if you catch me I deserve a brooming!

yours in silliness,

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Anagrams! [23 Mar 2007|10:24pm]


Not that they have to be local. That's just what I've happened to be thinking about. (Has anybody got a good one for "Advisory Ballot"?)
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ounce dice trice [21 Mar 2007|12:19pm]

If you get tired of counting one, two, three, make up your own numbers, as shepherds used to do when they had to count sheep day in, day out...: ounce, dice, trice, quartz, quence, sago, serpent, oxygen, nitrogen, denim. -- Alistair Reid
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Cockerel (like doggerel, but about chickens) [18 Mar 2007|09:09pm]

Chickens are punks,
you know what I'm saying?
They like to get sushi
and leave without paying.
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Squatter's Rights [18 Mar 2007|11:10am]

Well since the last person posted here a year ago, and since that person was myself, I'm going to consider Werdle mine. Squatter's rights.

I might have come up with this nonsense verse form. About the only thing that matters is that line 2 and 4 rhyme, and that it makes no sense whatsoever.

Penguins are warm
Penguins are soft.
They lay eggs in the basement
and live in the loft.

It can be extended until you get tired of it.

Penguins are handsome
Penguins are bold
but when they climb into bed
their feet are too cold.

Penguins are clever,
Penguins are sharp.
They can't play the banjo
but they've mastered the harp.


Another example:
Life is simple,
Life is sweet.
Life is harder
when you have no feet.

Life is spacious,
Life is grand,
Life is relinquished
upon demand.

Would anybody else like to add to either of these, or start a new chain?
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Worst Couplet in the World [03 Mar 2006|01:06pm]

Werdle has been quiet for a long time, which is too bad because I really enjoyed it. I'm hoping I can stir up some activity.

Now calling for submissions for the "Worst Couplet in the World." A pair of lines where the last word of each line rhymes. For example:

"Blah blah blah blah Cat
Blah blah blah blah Splat."

It could be one of your own, or from a poem or song.

One of my favorite bad couplets is from the song "Heat of the Moment" by Asia.

"One look from you and I would fall from grace
And that would wipe the smile right from my face."

Also one that I wrote:
"From the womb to the tomb is everyone's doom
You're hogging the blankets -- give me some room."
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What's your sign? "Lost: train of thought." [06 Aug 2005|12:41pm]

This notice is up on telephone poles around the Roosevelt neighborhood. Can you help?
Train of thought

Got derailed when someone bummed a cigarette.
Would like to get back on course.
I don't remember where I was going,
but among the debris of my lost thought process I found
the following words:

These words may be remnants of passengers,
or they may be critical components of the train itself.
If anyone else has caught my train,
would you be so kind as to send it my way.

Contact: ADDtrain@gmail.com
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from the "What's your sign?" department [29 Jul 2005|10:24am]

Don't kill your wife with work! Let electricity do it!

Originally uploaded by David Glover. His description: "A photo of a TV documentary about the introduction of a public electricity service. This poster seems particularly badly worded."
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Combine-A-Title [09 May 2005|05:00pm]

I could have sworn there was an item for this, but it's not making itself apparent.

Big Night of the Living Dead

A horde of zombies descend upon a struggling Italian restaurant, lured by the promise of an appearance by Louie Prima.
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I Laughed, I Cried: Movies We Haven't Seen [18 Apr 2005|09:13pm]

"Reviews of Movies I Have Not Seen". Some examples:
Stuart Little
The early history of Charles I. His weak, sickly childhood led to his receiving the nickname that provides the film's title, but through a tenacious battle against a scheming duke's son (played well beyond the hilt by Adam Sandler) he gains the strength that he will eventually need to lead his country to ruin.
—Jim Moskowitz

Where the Heart Is
Interesting but flawed remake of classic film Fantastic Voyage, about a tiny "spaceship" navigating a patient's veins and arteries to remove a blood clot; in this version, the patient can't be moved, so the entire operation takes place in a Wal-Mart.
—Jed Hartman

I ran across this idea at kith.org, where Debbie Hollander is credited as its originator.
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werdle vandalism [05 Apr 2005|08:54pm]

Ever see a sign, a bumper sticker, an advertisement or anything else, and wish you could just add a letter, paint over one, change a bit of punctuation, to completely tweak the meaning? Ever actually do it? Here's your chance to boast, or to voice your regrets. ('If only I had changed my boss's "In case of Rapture this car will be Empty" bumpersticker to "In case of Raptor..."')

A regret: A couple years ago I was dumped by a girlfriend in a way that really made me think about vengeance. On her new boyfriend's pimped-out car was a metal raised-letter "Turbo" logo. Actually his car wasn't even a turbo, he just stuck it on. I so dearly wanted to buy the same logo, reverse the "b" to a "d", cut off the "o", epoxy it back together, making "Turd," and then sneak over one night and make a swap. With lots of epoxy. If only I knew where he lived, or even his last name....

A boast: on a Microsoft Office box I saw the slogan "What productivity means today." Unable to stand it anymore, I grabbed a pen and changed it to "What, productivity means today?"
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Which is Better? [08 Mar 2005|08:28am]

[Rules: Ask "Which is better ..." and list any two things you want. Seriously, anything. They can be related or not. The next person picks one and justifies their answer however they like, and then does their own "Which is better" question. Tangential "debates" disputing why 3 wilted petunias might be better than a staplegun (for example) are actually fun, too.]

Which is better, penguins or bacon?
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Build your own aphorism [03 Mar 2005|11:07pm]

"The loudest chicken is first into the pot."
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In Memo-rium [24 Feb 2005|10:30am]

Mock all workplace jargon and communications here.
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Roses are red... [15 Feb 2005|12:17pm]

Variations on the "roses are red" poem.
The one that I first heard that made me start thinking of variations:
Roses are red
Violets are blue
And things had better
Stay that way too.

Three of several I've come up with:

roses are red,
violets are blue
but they both change to brown
When cooked in a stew.

Rubies are red,
sapphires blue
but the pale lowly diamond
has nary a hue.

Supervisor's dead,
coworkers too.
one bullet left...
what should I do?
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Chants and Cheers -- Werdle Style! [08 Feb 2005|01:30pm]

What do we want!?


When do we want it!?


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Hopin' for business! [07 Feb 2005|05:20pm]

Ever wanted to open a business just because you thought of a cool name? Now's your chance! ...to post the cool name, that is.
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Anagramorama [06 Feb 2005|08:04pm]

Fooling around with the Anagram Server.

"Werdle Anagrams" = "Warms a large end", "grander seal maw", "slander wargame", "slang made rawer".
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These are a few of our favorite words [02 Feb 2005|04:54pm]

Words we like to say; words we recently learned; words with silly meanings; beautiful words; preposterous words; obscure words. Words we love; words we love to hate. All sorts of words.
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Irrational sentences [27 Jan 2005|01:24pm]

Sentences whose words equal in length to the sequential digits of a popular irrational number (count zeros as 10). Punctuation doesn't count for word length.

I don't know if this belongs in werdle, but I thought I'd give it a shot.
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